Michigan's Award for the Best Apple Cider and Donuts.

Every year the fruit and vegetable growers of Michigan converge on Grand Rapids for the annual Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market EXPO and Greenhouse Growers EXPO to discuss the latest practices and products available to increase thier yields and streamline their respective business efforts. Among the educational presentaions, product exhibitions, and friendly conversations, we find the prize for Michigan's best apple cider and cider mill donuts.

Plymouth Orchards may not produce the most apple cider and donuts of all the competitors, but they do make some of the best!

  • 2013: Michigan's Best Apple Cider.
    First Place Michigan Apple Cider Contest
  • 2012: Second Place, Michigan's Best Apple Cider.
  • 2010: Michigan's Best Cider Mill Donuts
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